Services for home computer users - in the home

Fixed price Rebuilds
Many people want a new computer because their old one is just so slow it becomes unusable. But don't throw away that computer or laptop just yet because there's probably nothing wrong with it that a rebuilt can't improve or fix. If your slow computer is less than five years old, there are quite a few things I can do that will make it go a lot faster.

There is very little performance difference between a new computer and one three years old, for example - but because computers get overloaded with updates and unwanted programs (many of which are running all the time in the background), the computer gradually slows down over time. A thorough spring clean gets rid of all the 'bloatware', and with a little extra memory your computer can be made as good as new or even better, its performance enhanced and its speed increased to a considerable degree. The cost for a complete rebuild - at a fixed price of £75 - is a fraction of the cost of a new computer, and maintaining your existing machine is also the most environmentally-friendly option.

Included in the comprehensive service, I make a safety copy of everything on the computer you value - emails, pictures, music, documents, videos, your work, accounts and anything else you have created or saved - and when the rebuild is completed I put everything back where it belongs so not a single file is lost or goes missing.

Got a problem? Call now for a free quote. My repairs are guaranteed, using only genuine parts and the comprehensive skills I've built up over 28 years working on pretty much every make of computer there is. Most repairs can be done within 48 hours (depending on parts availability). Collection and delivery are free.

New computers
We supply desktop and laptops to order, pre-configured to suit your requirements, often for less than the major outlets like PC World


Extra memory, improved graphics, larger hard disks - big improvements for small investments. Call for a free quote.

Like any complex device, computers need cleaning up and cleaning out (have you seen how much dust is collecting inside your PC?).

Personal Tuition
Want to get more from your computer? My tuition is well regarded, and tailored to your exact requirements.

Do you think your broadband is slow but your ISP can't or won't help? I will deal with your ISP to get your broadband running at the best speed possible.

Wireless & wired networks
Reliable networking anywhere in the house, toubleshooting and range extensions.

Printers & Scanners
Having trouble with your printer? Give me a call.

Backup solutions
Your data is valuable. If your hard disk fails, how can you replace all the photos you have taken over the years, the music you bought, the accounts you maintain or the documents you wrote? My backup solutions are cheap, efficient and very easy to use.

Data recovery
Hard disks do fail. It is sometimes possible to retrieve the data, so talk to me before you throw your hard disk away in despair.

Did you know that AVG Free is as good as any commercial anti-virus program, never runs out and costs nothing? I recommend it to all my clients and use it myself. .

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